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Heber Meraz - World's Biggest Marathons

Heber Meraz Reveals World’s Biggest Marathons

Retired U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant and keen runner Heber Meraz explores the world’s biggest marathon events.   From New York City and Chicago to London and Berlin, huge marathon events are hosted yearly across the globe, routinely attracting tens of thousands of participants and similar numbers of spectators. A keen runner and retired U.S. […]

Heber Alonzo Meraz - Maritime Industry Innovations

Heber Alonzo Meraz Explores Latest Maritime Industry Innovations

Project coordinator and senior analyst Heber Alonzo Meraz takes a closer look at recent innovations within the maritime industry.   From autonomous ships and drones to firefighting robots, project coordinator, analyst, and former senior military servicemember Heber Alonzo Meraz provides a closer look at three areas of growth leading innovation within today’s rapidly evolving maritime […]